"Christian Administrators About Our Master's Business"

Code of Ethics

  1. Church Business Administrators should be spiritually committed to Jesus Christ, and should regard their work as a Christian vocation.
  2. They should live an exemplary Christian life that will bring honor to their church and respect to themselves.
  3. They should be vigorous; alert and temperate; strong persons striving to have all their faculties at their best; acknowledging dependence on God in all things.
  4. They should maintain a pleasant attitude in meeting and communicating effectively with people.
  5. They should be trustworthy with confidential information.
  6. They should strive to serve each member of the church impartially.
  7. They should display a genuine loyalty to their pastor and cooperate wholeheartedly with other staff members in supporting the total ministry of the church.
  8. They should set an example of good stewardship in their personal use of time and money.
  9. They should maintain a well-rounded life in family and in professional relationships.
  10. They should recognize the need for continuing professional education and training.
  11. They should participate with professional colleagues in organized efforts to share new knowledge and development in professional practices.
  12. Church Business Administrators should accept normal community responsibilities but give priority at all times to their service to Jesus Christ and the church.